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  • How does hydraulic power steering work?

    The working principle of hydraulic power steering is as follows:1. In the middle position, the oil from the oil pump is returned to the oil tank through the internal steering gear;2. When the power steering is in progress, the oil from the oil pump enters the cycloid wheel through the fo
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  • Commonly used pump structures in hydraulic systems

    The pump structures commonly used in hydraulic systems are classified according to: gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps 3 types.Hydraulic oil pump gear pumpSmaller volume, simpler structure, less stringent requirements for oil cleanliness, cheaper; however, the pump shaft is subject to unbalance
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  • Classification and composition of hydraulic cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinder according to the form of structure, can be divided into piston cylinder, piston cylinder, swing cylinder and special cylinder four categories; according to the rated pressure is divided into high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulic cylinder, medium and high pressure hydraul
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