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Blude Power Machinery (Weihai) Co., LTD Is a professional company engaged in providing cost-effective electro-hydraulic power transmission and control solutions and components. Our main business is: Danfoss, Rexroth, Parker, Dana and other high-end international brands. At the same time, we also provide high-quality components to replace Rexroth and other brands to meet the needs of high-end, middle and low end of the customer market.

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  • Advanced processing equipment

    Advanced lathes, machining centres, welding robots, automatic assembly lines, painting equipment, high-performance hydraulic component test benches and other equipment are the strong hardware foundation for our product accuracy, quality and production efficiency

  • Advanced testing methods

    We have an advanced and fully functional testing laboratory for raw material analysis, chemical testing, mechanical properties testing, non-destructive testing and any special testing required by our customers.

  • Scientific management system

    BLUDE sets high standards of quality, safety and value in all aspects of product development, production and testing. We follow the quality certification requirements of ISO9001 and relevant standards of third-party inspection agencies, apply scientific production management processes, carry out strict quality control and establish a complete quality assurance system to ensure product quality and reliability



  • How does hydraulic power steering work?

    The working principle of hydraulic power steering is as follows:1. In the middle position, the oil from the oil pump is returned to the oil tank through the internal steering gear;2. When the power steering is in progress, the oil from the oil pump enters the cycloid wheel through the fo

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  • Commonly used pump structures in hydraulic systems

    The pump structures commonly used in hydraulic systems are classified according to: gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps 3 types.Hydraulic oil pump gear pumpSmaller volume, simpler structure, less stringent requirements for oil cleanliness, cheaper; however, the pump shaft is subject to unbalance

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  • Classification and composition of hydraulic cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinder according to the form of structure, can be divided into piston cylinder, piston cylinder, swing cylinder and special cylinder four categories; according to the rated pressure is divided into high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulic cylinder, medium and high pressure hydraul

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